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Thinkinfic – Year In Review 2020

Are you an expert and wondering how to put your skills to good use? Well here is some good news, the rapidly growing online course business could be your path to 6 and 7 figure earnings. At the time of writing this article, the whole world is experiencing an atrocious health situation that has literally forced everyone to a compulsory lock-down. This has left companies with no choice but to let their staff work from home and a large number of people losing their jobs.


While doing some research on the internet, I came across this amazing software platform helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into a lucrative business, and thus I couldn’t hide my excitement but to share with the public. You see, the world’s biggest problems are now the world’s biggest business opportunities which goes further to mean that, for exponential entrepreneurs and companies, finding a significant challenge is a meaningful road to wealth. The best way to become a billionaire is to solve a billion-person problem.


Introducing Thinkific, the software company that revolutionized the E-learning industry with its aggressive innovation, which allows entrepreneurs to build a lasting online business by having complete control of all their data and content.  Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E-Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it was no surprise, it achieved that feat. Traditional educational approaches like colleges and universities, in addition to corporate training departments, are embracing the digital reality – from using online platforms to leveraging VR and AR for training. It is unbelievably true that the true potential of E-learning will triple to $325 billion by 2025.


Thinkific allows you to make decisions about your course business based on what’s best for you and your particular audience. It’s easy to customize every piece of the platform to match your brand, so you can continue to scale without missing a beat. Listed hereunder are some exciting features it provides:

  1. Easily customizable courses to match your brand – You don’t need any experience with coding as you are provided with easy drag and drop features to create your content and publish that foolproof curriculum.
  2. Advanced security features with advanced password complexity.
  3. Offers certifications to incentive rewards to your students
  4. Explore different themes from the themes library that will make your brand stand out and become a more established authority. Sell with confidence on a website that includes pre-built instructors, curriculum, key learning, and course review sections.
  5. Comprehensive knowledge base, training site & live webinars to get you going – regardless of if you’re an expert or just starting out.
  6. Full e-commerce
  7. Multiple instructor profile
  8. Secure cloud hosting
  9. Easy built-in SSL Certificate
  10. A lot more

                                              WHO IS THIS FOR?

Content providers operating in the market are witnessing high growth due to the increased demand for course materials to train or educate employees or students. My experience as a digital marketer and business owner can be extended into teaching my students how to build a website or show aspiring entrepreneurs the basic steps on how to start a business. The same applies to you with experience as a firefighter, real estate agent, high school teacher, electrical engineer, business coach, fitness trainer, scrum master, and a lot more I can’t mention. Today, content creation at one location can be accessed anywhere in the world, even in space. Gone are the days of physical forms of data storage because they cannot handle the increasing quantity of today’s course content from colleges and institutions.

In times such as this, it becomes apparent that we shouldn’t have all our eggs in one basket because subject matter experts like you are raking 6 to 7 figures annually by helping people solve their problems. The possibilities are endless with the opportunity to grow your brand as a professional in your field while earning recurring income. The number of people searching for good content all over the world looking for what you can offer may come to you as a shock. Think about building your own custom marketplace with guest instructors and contributors which translates to driving additional revenue through direct course sales.

One of the major take away with this software is your ability to build your own training website where you can sell and deliver online courses to your audience thereby creating a sustainable business. You can teach your students with videos, audios, text, PDF, or multimedia, and also you can engage them with quizzes, downloads, surveys, exams, and discussions.

What endeared me to this platform was the number of established entrepreneurs and instructors known for their impeccable expertise either has used or is currently using this software platform. Notable among them are:

Marshawn Evans Daniels,

Founder of Believe Bigger who built a community of over 100,000 extraordinary women.

Lewis Howes, who went from living on his sister’s couch to earning $1M in two years.

Ladies and gentlemen, need I say more?

We have no excuses not to use our extraordinary talent and skills and champion our brand. Everything you need to run your education under one roof is literally within this platform. Note also that you have total control adding your own logo, marketing analytics tools and can integrate into all marketing channels.

Are you a mid-sized consulting firm looking to scale your business with online education? Improved onboarding and reduced churn are widely viewed as the key business metrics investors are looking at these days, almost more than monthly recurring revenue. Scalable, self-serve education is a huge part of this strategy, particularly for Customer Onboarding and ongoing Customer Support. Looking at the solutions provided by Thinkific, larger organizations can create unique employee experiences, with seamless user experience with an intuitive, easy setup platform for administrators (no design or coding experience required).


There is a never-ending benefit when you creating an online course that will serve your audience living in different parts of the world. That is the power the internet can give to anyone. A lady friend of mine shared her success story how she made a fortune after she launched her sewing mastery course. People want to learn how to stitch clothes, soccer players want to know how to avoid being scammed before signing a contract, so they don’t mortgage their careers. Work from home moms will love to learn the new recipe and start cooking at home. This is the time to take action and immerse yourself into a recognizable brand. The secret to a successful online course is to focus on the results you create versus what you want to teach.

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  • Membership site
  • Design your site to sell your course
  • Use your own domain name
  • Market & Sell Your course
  • Support Your Students

24 thoughts on “Thinkinfic – Year In Review 2020”

  1. Joseph Stasaitis

    ELearning is certainly not only the future but the present as well. This is the first time that I have ever heard of Thinkific, and I am glad I did. Control of content and data is critical for any business. I have noticed that more and more educational and corporate entities have embraced online learning. I am also confident that revenues will continue to expand for many years to come. I like how you can customize the platform to your specific needs. I like the advance security features as well. Being able to build your own training site is an advantage whether it is audio, video, or text. There are quite a few established experts on this platform which is great. I am definitely going to look into this further as I do intend to scale my websites and online education is a very viable vehicle to do so. Being able to have such a selection  of online courses on one platform is ideal. Also the comprehensive knowldegebase  and live webinars are priceless. Also the pricing of the different levels of membership are quite reasonable for what you get. I will definitely be exploring this in more detail for my current and future needs.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Thank you for your honest opinion about this article and for taking the decision to explore that industry. I was intrigued when i realized how big the E-learning industry is taking into consideration that i have been a business coach. This will definitely open more doors of opportunity for you and other friends you may wish to share this information with. Stay safe out there.

  2. Thank you for this well-written post. I’ve never heard of Thinkific, but this article has opened my eyes to the power of e-learning and being able to tailor your content to your audience. I did not know there was a platform like this out. I will be checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. My profound appreciation for your input and decision to check them out. If you have colleagues and friends you want to share this article to, that will be apprecaited too. Thank you.

  3. HMM.this looks nice as an entrepreneur i am always sorting for this like this to help my growing business..i would definitely try out this software hope it works for me…thanks a lot for sharing i hope it becomes a source of help to other entrepreneurs out there as it has been of help to me

    1. You are very much welcome David. I hope you find this article very resourceful and channel towards making it an evergreen recurring opportunity for you.

  4. I didn’t realize that digital learning was such a lucrative industry. It’s kind of surprising because a lot of people still want to sit in front of a real person face to face.Many of my college courses are done online and it’s definitely lacking in some areas. The great thing about virtual classrooms is that for working adults like myself, they save you a lot of time. Instead of spending four hours a day going to the campus, I can learn from anywhere there is Internet access. 

    I love how Thinkific doesn’t require any coding skills though, maybe I will consider their products in the future, thanks for the info 

    1. Hey Joshua,

      So true on what you said about People still wanting to learn from a face to face learning when digital learning has made things so easy. No wrong in that though, but the amount of time spent while in class could be put to good use learning virtually.

      Thanks for your contribution.

  5. Well said, based on my experience I learned the same, by solving people’s problem and by helping people we can earn money. Indeed, e-learning is the fast-growing billion-dollar industry. We rise by lifting others!

    Thinkific features you shared is very helpful. Being a full-time affiliate marketer thinkific sounds interesting to me and it’s on my list. Thanks a lot for the thorough and detailed article. I got helpful insights from your article.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for an amazing feedback on this article and the insight you took from it. I believe that there are many people out there who could benefit from creating their own course(s) pouring out valuable knowledge and resourceful skills. 

      Please stay safe out there.

  6. Thinkific? It’s my first time hearing that one but trust me, it does look like a good one that I should give a shot. Today, you have opened my eyes to what eLearning is and it’s ultimate importance. You have also given an illustration as to how we can turn our talents and passion into an income. I really like the idea behind it and don’t mind giving it a try. Thanks for a thorough post.

  7. Wow! This is quite a very great post and thanks for sharing. This Thinkific seems a lot like some very valuable course detailing how to ensure that we do the right things to get the right traffic while helping to train us. I really like this post and to be honest,I found it worthwhile. I would check thinkific out right now and see if it is perfect for me. Thumbs up to you

    1. Thank you so very much Ella for amazing opinion and for wanting to check out Thinkific. I strongly believe it will serve it’s purpose for you.

    2. Top Class


      Wow! I’m so impressed about this, it’s like I had a conversation with you about my struggles to start an online course.
      Thanks for opening my eyes and I will definitely look into Thinkific.

    1. Yes i am. The reason why i love this software is because of it’s advanced features which serves to a whole different audience. As a business coach that i am, i target established and aspiring entrepreneurs/business owners. The bottom line diversifying my portfolio for more revenue stream despite being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

  8. Thanks to the lockdown, the future is already here. One simply cannot ignore e-learning. There are many avenues to learn anything that comes to your mind. Thank you for letting us know a few more good quality avenues.

    1. Hi Prav,

      Thanks for your input and yes the lock-down has brought more good than bad as more and more people are tilting towards e-learning. It can only get better.

  9. I have been active on the Internet for two years now, learning new things.
    Just like others have taught me what they knew, I have the desire to create either an eBook or a course of what I have learnt.
    This excellent review of Thinkific has driven me to believe that it is the best platform for me to try out my first project.
    Thank you for the clarity you share on this blog. I will give it a shot.

    1. Hi Ahimbe,

      It will be a welcome idea to give it a shot as that will put your works in a more professional stand as you offer your content to your audience. Wishing you all the best.

  10. This software seems to be a real gem and is packed with so much and what is amazing is how the founder went from broke to a million dollars in two years all I can say is wow and that the evidence is there to prove that this system really has value. Thanks so much, for sharing.

  11. What an interesting and eye-opening article this is. The world is indeed changing it almost feels like this lockdown has brought us to the drawing board where we need to rethink things. The digital world Is here and is taking us to the future. More and more people are searching the net looking for a solution of some kind. Us, as online entrepreneurs need to capitalize on these opportunities and create solutions. E-learning is one way to deliver the solutions in an educational form to empower our audience. Thanks for this informative article about Thinkific.

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