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Scarcity Marketing

Thrive Ultimatum: The Most Effective Scarcity Marketing Tool For WordPress

Scarcity marketing strategy is an effective persuasion strategy that works like magic on people. It commands the buying power that triggers an increase in sales for any smart business. It has long been in use and still is, in this present day. Movie powerhouse like Disney world have so many times capitalized this strategy to create buzz among their esteemed fans. It is about limiting the supply of a specific product or service.

If done correctly, scarcity marketing no doubt increases the value of a good or service, creating a sense of urgency and fear. Urgency is a time-based strategy, making customers develop a fear of missing out which compels them to buy
within the limited time constraints.

With this type of tactics, customers tend to rush to buy because of fear of missing out. When you have a particular product line that is of high value, the idea is to create a buzz around initiating limited stock with a countdown timer to it.

The caption above is an example of Amazon using the countdown timer to give its customers what to expect in readiness for a massive purchase. It turns out that most brands make so many sales when this marketing strategy is initiated.

There are loads of entrepreneurs out there who are just starting out in business and might be wondering now, this is a fantastic idea but how and where do I start to implement this technique?

Your online presence matters and it starts with your unique website. Your website is only as good as your design and it is imperative that

The most powerful technique for increasing conversion is by using this awesome tactic called “SCARCITY”. Trust me it works. If you are a blogger, Ecommerce store owner, content creator, beauty salon or small business owner, you need to pay attention to how you can use this tool to increase sales massively.




Thrive Ultimatum is the ultimate plugin for the decisive conversion boosting technique to power your scarcity campaign. It lets you take advantage of every aspect of scarcity marketing. So many websites receive a lot of traffic but no conversions and you wonder why. Truth of the matter is, conversion is what brings in revenue and without conversion, it looks like a waste of time.

There is a high chance of your visitors ignoring to click on the banner(s) you placed on your website which will lead to low conversion and that is because there is no urgency to entice them to click on it. What is that catchy effect that will intensify marketers who are just starting an online business to click on your banner? Big brands like leadpages, Amazon, optinmonster, Getresponse, and Starbucks all use scarcity marketing strategy to captivate their audience into buying what they want.


Thrive Ultimatum is the newest and best ever scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress users that was launched by Thrive Themes, revolutionizing how scarcity marketing can be create high conversion with an optimized wordpress theme. Thrive Ultimatum comes with a whole range of professionally designed templates for countdown timers, widgets and floating banners. For each template, they carefully crafted it to make it look stylish, while still being 100% conversion focused.

There’s a reason why Thrive Ultimatum is a perfect scarcity marketing solution. It adds urgency to an offer and compels customers to buy immediately. It makes the “fear of missing out” so real thus a huge success to your marketing campaigns and conversion rates


Every time you promote something you want to make sure there is urgency built in.
We all know its human nature to take our time and kind of stay on the
fence as long as we can. You want to make sure your audience knows it’s
GO time!”

Amy Porterfield






“Scarcity and the fear of missing out plays a huge role in your marketing success. Whenever possible, inject (truthful) scarcity into your marketing funnels.”

Pat Flynn


Undeniably a few top brands who can attest to the power of scarcity marketing as a pivotal strategy to drive visitors to convert and thus increase sales. If you understand this concept and use it to your advantage, you will experience astronomical growth in your business. Now lets dive in to the benefits of using Thrive Ultimatum as your number one scarcity marketing plugin for your wordpress, but first lets look at some the features

  1. Fixed date campaigns
  2. Recurring campaigns – It stops and repeats campaigns for you
  3. Evergreen campaign
  4. Runs campaigns across multiple pages in a funnel across your entire website
  5. Creates unlimited campaigns while having them run at the same time
  6. The countdown widget allows you to display countdown time in any widget area within your wordpress site
  7. 100% customizable design
  8. Campaign templates
  9. Fully mobile friendly
  10. Tutorials and Training
  11. Awesome customer support


  • Thrive Ultimatum is a completely translatable and language independent plugin. You can easily translate the labels on your countdown timers into any language and any headings, button texts etc. are also fully translatable.
  • With Thrive Ultimatum, you can easily advertise your special offers all across your site. Easily show countdown timers in widget areas or floating banners to draw more visitors towards your special offer and generate more sales.
  • Create a buzz building product launch
  • You can increase product sale with a special seasonal offer
  • Boost your Ecommerce Sales


  • eCommerce Store Owners – To stay competitive and have an edge in the market, applying scarcity marketing strategy with the use of Thrive Ultimatum features will definitely bring about more sales.
  • Hotels – Hotels are known to make good use of special offers to bring in more customers. Scarcity marketing has always been a norm for the hotel and hospitality industry and if you are venturing into this type of business, then by all means necessary, use this strategy.
  • Restaurants – Taking advantage of seasonal offers are a great way for restaurants to stay above the curve. It attracts new customers as they will be curious to know the benefits.

The above is an example of a restaurant with a seasonal offer.

  • Content Creators – Thrive Ultimatum plugins will give you access to create the buzz around your digital products, downloads, membership site to enhance more buyers.
  • Affiliate Marketers – last on my list will be affiliate marketers. You can use this tool to position your brand as an authority in your niche. Whatever product you are promoting, you will need to add a sense of urgency to your promotional strategy or campaign.

People always want what they can’t have because they think the grass is greener on the other side. Like I said earlier, top brands have been using scarcity marketing and today a lot of marketers are using it but very few are using it the correct way. Are still struggling to find the best possible way to boost your sales, then get Thrive Ultimatum to get started and watch your business grow within a short time.

Thank You, For Reading.


Thrive Ultimatum


Top Class


4 thoughts on “Thrive Ultimatum: The Most Effective Scarcity Marketing Tool For WordPress”

  1. Hi There, great article. Never new of such a plug-in will be sure to try it. This strategy is as old as the hills, why we don’t use it more often, is a mistake.
    Regards Barry

    1. Hi Barry,
      Yes the strategy has been in use for a long time and still is by top brands. I guess the reason why many are not using it may be due to lack of information on the best way and tool to use it. Glad you found the article useful.

  2. Top Class


    Love the post. I actually heard of scarcity marketing before, but I didn’t know there was a WordPress plugin to use.
    Also, how did you add the stars at the bottom of the post?

    1. Hi Vlad,
      Absolutely, scarcity marketing has been making the rounds for a long time but unfortunately beginners may not have come across it or know how to use it. As for the stars at the bottom of the post, you can install the “product review” from your wordpress back end.

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