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Lead Generation

Discover which companies are visiting your website.

Our Approach

Our lead generation software will help you turn quality leads into sales. Take full control by removing unwanted leads and focus more on high-value prospects.

Do you know 2% of your website visitors leave their contact details while 98% continue on to your competitors without leaving a trace? Our web based software can help your sales team identify and generate leads from your current traffic. With the use of Google Analytics, our system gathers historical data and provides you valuable insights by turning your anonymous traffic into company details and contact information. The system also lets you see what each visitor browses on your website, so you can pinpoint their interests and anticipate their needs.


How Your Company Can Take Advantage Of Our Lead Generation System.

The lead generation software can help you identify leads by country, industry and specific page or pages on your website they are visiting or you can choose your own filters. It sorts out these leads by quality and delivers them to you, giving great sales leads into your CRM and leave your sales team to concentrate on selling and closing deals.

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