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The factors that makes a good website


Before publishing your website for public consumption, there are certain factors that needs to be considered by conveying its particular message whilst simultaneously engaging the visitors. Several factors such as consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity and functionality all contribute to good website design.

A major attribute that makes a well designed website is the trust it builds among visitors which in turn helps guide them to take action. Creating a great user experience involves making sure your website design is optimized for usability (form and aesthetics) and how it easy is it to use (functionality).

The guidelines below will help you understand those fundamental principles to have a well structured web design.

1. Strive For Simplicity

Keep the design of your website as simple as possible. It shouldn’t be confusing to the user because the one thing they look out for will be more informational than the design itself. Simplicity is the best way to go when considering the user experience and the usability of your website. To achieve simplicity on your design, take a look at:

  • Colors – Pleasing color combinations increase customer engagement and make the user feel good.
  • Typography – This commands attention and works as the visual interpretation of the brands voice. 
  • Imagery – All imagery should be expressive and capture the spirit of the company and act as the embodiment of their brand personality. 

2.Must Appeal To The Right User.

Since you already have a niche market, your website design should be tailored towards serving your audience and having them coming for more.

3. Website Purpose

What does your website stand for? This should be a pertinent question that should address the purpose of your website. Your website needs to accommodate the needs of the user. Are you imparting practical information like a ‘How to guide’? Is it an entertainment website like sports coverage or are you selling a product to the user?

There are many different purposes that websites may have but there are core purposes common to all websites;

  1. Describing Expertise
  2. Building Your Reputation
  3. Generating Leads
  4. Sales and Nurturing

4. Detailed Oriented

Taking into consideration of what your brand represents, your service, history, how you conceive of your mission, and by the actions of every member of your team are all been demonstrated through your personality as an entity. So, it is important that communicating the unique qualities of your business through design involves making every element, down to the details, a reflection of that personality. There are no minor details in a design – every piece must fit together seamlessly, and create a cohesive appearance that serves to support the appeal of your brand.


5. Content

An effective web design has both great design and great content. Using compelling language great content can attract and influence visitors by converting them into customers. You should always keep in mind how your website is portrayed to search engines and whether it accurately communicates your website’s purpose. You should always optimize your website in such a way that search engines know what it’s about. That way, search engines will know when to show your website and its pages in the search results for relevant search queries. To learn how to optimize your content, you can check out this article by hubspot.com


6. Mobile Friendly


This is so very important. You cannot have a good web design without making sure it’s easy to navigate through mobile phones. With a large number of consumers worldwide using mobile to search for information, it is important to consider building your website with a responsive layout where your website can adjust to different screens.


7. Must Be SEO Friendly


According to an article in backlinco.com, an SEO-friendly websites usually gets more traffic than websites that ignore search engines. The web is the first place people go to search for products and services, and usually the last place they check before making a purchase decision. You are not just creating something that looks nice, your goal should be to create an optimized inbound marketing platform to attract and convert traffic into sales.


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  1. Hi, This is a very good article you have here.
    I agree doesn’t need to be too much complicated when you build a website. Those 7 steps to building a good website are really helpful and need to be followed.
    Write with propose, help people and take friendly writing is always a good way to get the attention of your readers.
    Thank you for sharing with us

    1. Hi Norman,

      Thank you so much for finding value in this article. I believe this will go a long way in helping other entrepreneurs to structure their websites and grow their businesses.

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